Centers and Programs

Center for Advanced Risk and Decision Analysis

The CARDA focuses on research and development of advanced analytical methods and decision support tools for risk assessment. Significant research efforts have been in support of the aviation safety domain. This research has been supported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Currently, the CARDA is assisting the NASA Aviation Safety and Security Program (AvSSP) with the risk assessments of a new product portfolio for aviation safety. One of the main research products, the Aviation System Risk Model (ASRM), is being used by the NASA Langley Research Center to provide projected relative risk reductions of the impact of new technologies. With a team approach of professors, graduate and undergraduate research assistants, government personnel and industry experts, the CARDA seeks to identify and apply new and innovative methods to challenging risk assessment problems.

Laboratory for Port Security

LPS addressed crucial issues relating to marine port security, surrounding infrastructure, and port operations.?With ever-increasing traffic throughout the nation’s marine ports and today’s heightened concerns over homeland threats, the safety and security of our ports—as well as the roads, bridges, tunnels, and coastal waters that surround them—are crucial to the smooth operation of the nation’s supply chain and for our peace of mind.LPS is located between port complexes of New York/New Jersey and Philadelphia. Annually, millions of containers and bulk materials we use every day pass through these ports. Delaware River ports have one of the largest oil and petro-chemical infrastructure systems in the nation.?These ports serve most of the eastern and midwestern United States by bringing oil, gasoline, and chemicals to businesses and consumers.?In addition to commercial maritime traffic, the New York/New Jersey port complex has major passenger and ferry traffic, all of which bear major safety and security concerns.

Laboratory for Stochastic Systems

We are interested in analyzing large-scale complex systems under uncertainty using stochastic modeling, Markov Decision Theory and Game Theory with applications in the transportation, supply chains, climate and health, production and manufacturing,?and telecommunication networks. Current research and teaching programs focus on the areas of modeling, optimization and control of stochastic systems, such as transportation, telecommunication and supply chain networks.?

Rutgers Manufacturing and Automation Research Laboratory

The research laboratory?conducts science-centered, industrially-relevant research toward the advancement of manufacturing science and technology and provide quality engineering education and training for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as visiting scholars. Main?interests include?investigating advanced manufacturing processes to produce discrete products at micro-scales (nano, micro, and macro) and related production and manufacturing systems for achieving high quality, high reliability, high productivity, high efficiency, and better sustainability as related to the?interaction of people, machines, materials, products, computers, sensors, energy sources, and environmental factors.